Creation, Promotion of Websites and Web Analytics

Promotion of Websites and Web Analytics
The flexible structure of a website created by us allows them to grow together with your business.
We create separate landing pages for services, seasonal and advertising activities, reviews and comments, and other requirements on your request.
Creating New Websites
We optimize websites and turn them into full-fledged and effective business tools.
We work on the client's path, SEO optimization, design, readability and creativity.

Creating Websites

We finalize and optimizing existing websites

Our Clients

Web Analytics and Promotion

Reports on the main indicators in dynamics
Audit of the main page of the website
Technical audit
Traffic sources
Demographic data
Audience activity
Entry and exit pages
The main indicators that we focus on are: coverage, impressions, clicks, CTR, impression position, click position, expenses, bounces
Stages of work

Contextual Advertising

We select the best contextual advertising for you, based on the characteristics of you company, business and budget

Targeted Advertising

Individual promotion strategy
Search for solutions and tools that would attract your target audience
Analytical suppor
Providing access to all key advertising indicators online and detailed reporting with recommendations
We offer each client:
Collecting the semantic core
Making advertising campaigns
Launching advertising campaigns and collecting statistics

Turnkey advertising campaign

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